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TfL Tube Feed Buckles Under High Demand

Transport for London (TfL) has temporarily suspended access to its London Underground data service, according to a report by technology news website ZDNet yesterday.

According to TfL, the live feed, opened to developers on 15 June, saw an overwhelming response as user hits increased from 180,000 per week to nearly 10 million hits, causing the feed to buckle under the pressure.

The London data store's Lisa Price had published the report of the temporary suspension of the live feed on 1 July in a blog post.

She wrote: "Owing to overwhelming demand by apps that use the service, the London Underground feed has had to be temporarily suspended. We hope to restore the service as soon as possible, but this may take some days."

TfL, despite having to suspend the service, is still encouraged by the positive response to the live feed.

In a statement, Steve Townsend, director of information management for London Underground, said: "We are really encouraged that the feed to our Tube departure information is so popular, and TfL is doing everything to restore it as soon as possible, but this may take some time. We're sorry for the temporary disruption to this API Beta feed, and we will provide an update as soon as we have further information."