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UK Sixth Least Likely To Launch Cyber Attacks

A recently released report by security software vendor SecureWorks has revealed that one in every ten UK PCs has been used to launch cyber attacks.

The report, which studied worldwide security hacks, said that UK is the sixth least likely country in the world to launch cyber attacks, with only 107 attacks launched per 1,000 computers on average.

India is shown to be the least likely with an average of 52 attacks per 1,000 computers, and the US is the most likely with 1,600 attacks per 1,000 computers.

The company said that the results of the study hinted at the ease at which hackers could gain control of a PC and use it as a bot to launch cyber attacks.

In a statement, Jon Ramsey, SecureWorks CTO, said: “The study shows that organisations and individuals are not only putting themselves at risk by not securing their PCs, but are actually providing cyber criminals with a platform to compromise other computers.”

He recommended that users should keep their basic security up to date to prevent their computers being used to launch attacks.