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VMware Releases New Virtualisation features

Virtualisation software vendor VMware has released new features for its VMware Go platform.

The new features will allow small and medium businesses (SMBs) to easily virtualise their applications by automatically installing and configuring its VMware ESXi hypervisor.

VMware is the industry leader in offering cloud-based virtualisation solutions to enterprise users, allowing them to run virtual machines on their data centres.

The company said that SMBs using VMware Go will be able to easily create and customise new virtual machines on their systems. Customers will be also able to move their existing virtual machines on to more scalable ESXi platform.

In a statement, Manoj Jayadevan, VMware's director of emerging businesses and products, said: “Along with the ability to seamlessly migrate VMs from VMware Server to ESXi, the new Collective Intelligence guide for VMware Go makes it easier than ever to quickly realize the full benefits of ESXi.”

The company has also added the Collective Intelligence feature to VMware Go, allowing them to see what users have done at different stages of deploying a virtual environment.

VMware hope that by doing this they will be able to find out what others have done before making their decision.