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White iPhone 4 goes on sale

An Apple iPhone 4 has gone on sale at the cost of $20,000 or around £13,200, unlocked and SIM free. The iPhone4 Diamond Edition is encased in diamonds, with a platinum element all at a cost that most definitely matches the materials used.

The surrounding frame of the handset is encrusted with 6.5 carat, top quality VVS colour "F" diamonds with a solid platinum and diamond Apple logo. There are only 50 of these 32GB iPhones on sale, where the customiser Stuart Hughes described his reworked version as "a work of art". This model is accompanied by a case made from an Ostrich foot, just to add that extra touch of class.

The company have also produced a gold-covered iPad, along with a jewel-sprinkled sold gold iPhone 3GS for $3 million that arrived last year and still might earn some money as a trade-in.

White iPhone 4's themselves are very scarce on the ground at the moment, where this model we believe will be even scarcer. However, this handset might actually resolve the Apple iPhone 4's signal problems that have plagued the handset since launch, as you really won't want to pick up such an expensive phone let alone handle it in a way that blocks the signal.

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