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WoW Cataclysm to add DX11 graphics support

The soon-to-be-released major update to World of Warcraft, Cataclysm, could include support for DX11 graphics according to reports.

The folks at PC Games Hardware have had a fiddle about with the code for the current beta test distribution and have found what seems to be an experimental DX11 path which may be implemented in the final release. Then again, it may not.

WoW has always been a bit of a system hog when it comes to running the massively popular online role playing game with everything turned up to ten, so we expect you'll need a pretty impressive gaming rig in order to be able to turn everything up to (DX) 11 without introducing so much lag that the game becomes unplayable.

PCGH has included a bunch of screen shots which seem a bit buggy on the whole, but improving WoW's graphics capabilities will certainly add to the already atmospheric massively multi-player romp.

The site also has instructions on how to switch on the experimental path, but don't blame us if you are expelled from Azeroth for footling about with the game's arcane innards.