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Is 3D entertainment here to stay?

We've seen it in the films. Futuristic holographic projections, immersive 3D entertainment designed to transport the viewer to another place. But is 3D just the stuff of science fiction - or one day, will all our entertainment come in three dimensions?

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3D isn't a new idea. 3D films have been around since 1922. They even enjoyed a brief heyday in the 1950s with the gory delights of B-movies like The Creature From The Black Lagoon. But enthusiasm fizzled out because technology at the time wasn't ready for 3D.

Now that has changed. Today, you can enjoy 3D in full HD from the comfort of your own sofa.

There's no doubt about the popularity of the new wave of 3D films. Recent 3D hit Avatar broke all box office records when it was released at the end of last year, earning more than $2.7 billion worldwide.

James Cameron's epic took more than 15 years to create, and used 3D technology to bring the alien world of Pandora to life. Watching the film in 3D puts you at the heart of thrilling spaceship chases, or hurtling through the thick of the Pandoran jungle.

And now you can enjoy that same immersive experience at home, on 3D Blu-ray.

3D technology has also helped to take video gaming to a new level, transporting gamers right into the heart of the action. Sony has now launched 3D games onto its online PlayStation network in Japan, and plans to roll them out worldwide in the near future.

Meanwhile, 3D titles are beginning to appear in the UK for PCs and PlayStation, Xbox 360, Wii games consoles – and what better way to enjoy them than with the pin-sharp detail and rich colour of a full-HD plasma screen?

Sports, documentaries, feature films – all of these could soon be broadcast in 3D. This summer will see the launch of a 3D service from satellite broadcaster Sky, and channels around the world including Eurosport, ESPN and National Geographic are looking at producing content for the new technology.

It looks like the world of 3D entertainment is here to stay. What do you think? monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.