4Chan Rigs Justin Bieber “My World Tour”

Justin Bieber's tour page has become the target of a web prank, the Telegraph has reported.

According to reports, a group of hackers have hijacked an online contest being run on the“My World Tour” page of the singer's website which asks fans to vote where he should conduct his next tour.

Members of the controversial web group 4chan have rigged the poll to ensure North Korea win.

More than 625,000 votes went to North Korea, followed by 608,000 votes for Israel and 513,073 votes for third placed Poland.

Bieber, who shot to fame via YouTube, has become a target for web pranks of late, having been recently declared dead in a fake announcement, and he had to tweet to reassure fans that he was alive.

A number of the singer's music video's, hosted on YouTube, were also targeted by the hackers.

The hackers exploited a vulnerability in the comments section, allowing them to post links claiming to send visitors to Justin Bieber's fan page, but instead redirecting them to explicit websites.