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App farmer forces increased iTunes security

A Vietnamese App Farmer who artificially inflated his own Apps' rankings by hacking user accounts has forced Apple to rethink security on the gigantic music-flogging site.

Apple has said that users will be asked to input the CVV code from the back of their registered credit cards more frequently after Thuat Hguyen made hundreds of fraudulent purchases which rocketed his own shoddy comic book offerings to the top of the iTunes charts. In particular, the three-digit security number will be asked for if the transaction is being made from a different computer or device than usual.

At one point, the alleged farudster held 42 of the top 50 positions on the iTunes books ranking after buying his own products using other people's accounts.

"Developer Thuat Nguyen and his apps were removed from the App Store for violating the developer Program License Agreement, including fraudulent purchase patterns," Apple said.

The Cupertino company also said that its servers had never been compromised and that 400 odd people who had experienced phantom purchases from their accounts amounted to just 0.0003 per cent of the 150 million iTunes users.

Apple is urging customers to check any recent atcivity on their accounts and get in touch with their banks if anything looks shonky. They say it might also be a good idea if people changed their passwords.

Wouldn't it be a better idea if Apple, which is currently the richest tech company on the planet, just gave everyone who had recently brought one of the offending developer's Apps a full and unconditional refund?

Come of Steve... do the right thing. It's probably about 0.00002 per cent of your income, after all.