Apple Unveils MobileMe Calendar Beta

Apple has unveiled the new beta version of its MobileMe Calendar web application, tech news site Cnet reports.

Following the release of the MobileMe Mail beta, Apple has revamped the MobileMe Calendar redesigning the pages for day, week and month.

The new features also include calendar sharing options, publishing, invitations and the ability to synchronise desktop and mobile versions of the calendar.

Users can edit, change and coordinate events and information in the calendar, as well as set up e-mail alerts for friends.

According to Apple, the newer version is best compatible with its own Safari 5, Mozilla’s Firefox 3.6 and Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 8.

The privacy settings have also been updated, and can now be changed to allow private or public viewing of calendar entries.

The new MobileMe Calendar can also be shared with fellow users.

MobileMe Calendar is available on for registered users.

The web application can be used on all Apple devices.