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HTC Sabor To Feature 2GHz CPU, Gingerbread OS

Details regarding a new HTC smartphone called Sabor have emerged online thanks to what appeared to be a leak from a site called Ozcarguide and since then widely reported.

The phone is said to feature an ARM-based processor running at 2GHz (possibly a dual core model) with a 10-megapixel camera that can record full HD content (yep, 1080p video recording on a smartphone).

As for the screen, it is set to be a 3.5-inch one (which is odd because HTC's current high end models sport 3.7-inch models or bigger) and Ozcarguide says that it will be an AMOLED model which should be as good as Samsung's Super AMOLED one and should have a HD-ready resolution.

That's the least we can expect from HTC given that the iPhone 4 retina display can show 960x640 pixels already, the highest dot count on any available smartphone.

That said, there are reasons to be doubtful about the whole Sabor story. Firstly Ozcarguide is not a site that appeared on our radar before.

Then, Qualcomm has said that it will launch a 1.5GHz chip by the end of 2010 and it is quite difficult to envision such a big hike in silicon speed in such a short time.