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HTC Sales Up 41 Per Cent

HTC has announced a 41 per cent rise in sales over the first six months of 2010, BBC News has reported.

The company, which has benefited from the success from its Android-based smartphones, said that year on year revenues ending in June 2010 has increased to £2 billion, up from the £1.4 billion reported the previous year.

HTC also said that handset sales in the last three months were the highest ever.

The figures were higher than previous predictions made by market analysts, who credit the rise in sales to HTC's efforts of expanding its product portfolio.

HTC previously specialise on making branded smartphones for specific networks, such as the XDA for O2 and the Google nexus, but has recently begun to focus on its own Android-based smartphones, including the Desire, Legend and Hero.

In a statement to the AFP, Michael Chiang, an analyst with the Taiwan International Securities, said: “Normally, June is an off-peak season. The sales figures are really amazing.”