iPad Cleared For Use At Wells Fargo

Apple's iPad has been cleared for use by Wells Fargo employees after the San Francisco-based bank determined that the device will not compromise security, Bloomberg has reported.

Megan Minich, a senior vice president at Wells Fargo, said that security software used to protect a device from data breaches was more advanced than on previous Apple products, and that the device had the capability to increase the work efficiency of employees.

The bank had used two iPads to demonstrate several app-based financial services for the platform at an investor conference in May, highlighting the advantages bankers and their customers could benefit from when using the device.

Bloomberg Business Week has also said that the iPad had been adopted by companies like Tellabs, SAP and Mercedes-Benz, whose workers were using the device to access e-mails, approve shipping orders and to access auto-finance services.

Speaking to Bloomberg, Ted Schadler of Forrester Research, said: “This iPad thing has taken the world by storm. It came in as a consumer product and very quickly the people who actually bought them were business people.”