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iPhone Dropped Calls The Result Of Dirty Hands

Apple (opens in new tab) is citing a software problem as the reason behind the new iPhone 4's faulty antenna issues.

The company has also claimed that people must have been using the smartphone in a poor reception area to have had their calls dropped.

A post-doctoral biochemistry scientist has now approached (opens in new tab) with an interesting theory, claiming that the iPhone passed the stringent quality checks because Apple factory testers had clean hands.

He explained that the naturally occurring salts on the hands, that are caused due to dampness, enhance the connection between the hand and the exposed iPhone antenna.

He said that Apple workers, who must have immaculately clean hands whilst working, failed to notice the defect.

Salty hands bridge the two ends of the antenna, resulting in dropped calls and low signals. reported that the scientist had even sent an e-mail to several Apple employees and CEO Steve Jobs as well, explaining his theory. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.