Launch Of iPhone 4 Causes Surge In iPod Recycling

Prospective iPhone 4 customers are literally flogging their old Apple gadgets in order to get enough money to splurge on the hottest smartphone in town with the iPod being one of the most popular to go through the trap.

Online recycler reports that the number of iPod devices being recycled through the site went up by nearly 70 per cent since the launch of the new iPhone 4G last month.

Simon Walsh, the co-founder of Mopay, said that "As technology improves people are naturally going to want the latest gadget. For Apple fans it’s imperative they have the most up to date version of any new model. The iPhone can do everything that an iPod can and more. Even though the Walkman managed around 15 years as the music player of choice, it looks like the iPod will follow the path of the mini disc player and soon become surplus to requirements."

The news come a day after mobile phone recycling price comparison website, sell my phone, reported that old versions of the iPhone were amongst the most popular devices being recycled across the country.

Mopay is one of the estimated 30 or so companies that offer electronics recycling services in the UK. Mopay pays up to £60 in cash for an Apple iPod Touch 64GB (third generation) which is a fraction of what you can get by going to Computer Exchange.

The popular recycler offers up to £128 for a working iPod Touch in good order and £158 for one in pristine condition.