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Microsoft Plans Job Cuts

Microsoft is planning minor job cuts, according to people familiar with the situation, the Wall Street Journal reports.

Tech news site TechFlash, stated that the software giant has plans to lay off a small number of its employees by the end of this week.

According to an anonymous source cited by the Wall Street Journal, these lay offs should be significantly less than the 5,000 jobs cut last year when the company was severely hit by the global economic recession.

The job cuts are suggested to be a follow up of the company’s pattern of reshuffling jobs, reducing jobs in one department while adding new ranks in other places.

The job reductions come at the beginning of a new fiscal year, when Microsoft traditionally restructures to work on new strategies, and are expected to take place through all the centres of the company.

Possible due to the expected small number of job cuts, Microsoft has not made a public confirmation.

Currently Microsoft employs 88,596 people world wide.