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Mobile Broadband Users Frustrated By Connection Issues

Mobile broadband users in the UK suffer from severe connection issues, technology blog Tech Watch has reported today.

According to a study conducted by YouGov and Acision, users who depend upon dongles for using broadband connection are disappointed by the poor network quality provided.

The survey suggests that 67 per cent of mobile broadband users relying upon a dongle have complained about very slow internet speeds, while 49 per cent of all the respondents have issues with the network.

Some 40 per cent of total broadband users have also complained about loss of connection and 84 per cent complained of slow connections speeds.

Marek Vaygelt, Head of Consumer, Technology and Telecoms Consulting at YouGov, said: "Mobile broadband is a frequent topic of debate with UK consumers."

"The research highlights that many consumers are suffering regular and significant problems with mobile broadband and can be frustrated with the service they receive, They may be open to the option of having bandwidth distributed fairly among all users to provide a better service."