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Mozilla Releases Firefox 1.1 For Nokia N900

Mozilla has announced the release of its Firefox 1.1 web browser for Nokia’s N900 smartphone device.

Announced on the Mozilla blog, the latest upgrade, codenamed “Fennec”, has been made available for Nokia’s N900 and N810 handsets.

According to the blog, the Firefox 1.1 mobile browser is based on the same engine used in the Firefox 3.6 desktop browser, but has been optimised for use on a smartphone.

Firefox 1.1 has many new features, including portrait mode to enable users to toggle between portraits and landscape, a better zoom function, an automatic update feature, an improved user interface and a personalised home page.

The browser also comes with many updated security settings for mobile browsing, including customizable settings to manage cookies, passwords, add-ons and loading images.

Firefox users can synchronise their desktop browser with the mobile version using Mozilla's Weave Sync, which will enable users to share history, passwords and bookmarks between the two.

Users can download the new browser here.