News@10:iPhone Dropped Calls, Apple Bans Apps & Nokia Sells Wireless Modem Business

Apple has removed all applications belonging to developer Thuat Nguyen from its iTunes App Store. The company has confirmed that the developer had used fraudulent activities to boost the sale of its applications, Network World reports

Nokia has announced that it is selling its wireless modem division to Renesas Electronics, the Wall Street Journal reports. The Finland-based company has agreed to sell its wireless modem business division to the world’s third largest manufacturer of semiconductors, Renesas Electronics for $200 million.

Apple is citing a software problem as the reason behind the new iPhone 4's faulty antenna issues. The company has also claimed that people must have been using the smartphone in a poor reception area to have had their calls dropped.

HTC's Android-based smartphone, the HTC Desire, will not be affected by the release of Apple's iPhone 4 device, Rudefox reports. Experts believe that the HTC Desire is preferred by people who want to own an iPhone like smartphone that comes with a low price tag and similar features.

News about the UK government planning to spend tens of thousands of pounds on developing applications for the iPhone and possibly other mobile platforms tricked this morning thanks to a Freedom of Information request.