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Rumour: BFG shuts PSU business

High-end PSU maker and former Nvidia partner BFG is rumoured to have now laid off its PSU business, leaving a skeleton of staff working at the PC gaming kit firm.

US tech site [H]ardOCP claims to have spoken to sources inside BFG that say it's PSU department "has been let go." As well as this, the sources say all the company's "remaining inventory has been moved," leading to speculation that BFG may not be with us for much longer.

Previously a big player in the gaming graphics business, BFG took its name from the infamous ultimate weapon in iD's Doom and Quake first person shooters. The company was an exclusive Nvidia board partner, and provided gaming enthusiasts with many overclocked versions of graphics cards, as well as water-cooled editions.

However, in May the company announced it was pulling out of the graphics card business, following the delay of Nvidia's Fermi architecture and a shortage of 40nm GPUs. In a statement, BFG's chairman John Slevin said the graphics card business was "no longer profitable for us."

In the same statement, Slevin stated that "we will continue to provide our award-winning power supplies and gaming systems," but if the rumours are true then the company could soon be left with just its PC and laptop building division.

BFG hasn't released an official statement on this yet, and we've asked the company to clarify whether there's any truth in the rumours.