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Samsung Feature Phone Outsell Nokia's In Europe

Samsung has sold more feature phones in Europe than Nokia, recent research released by IDC shows.

Feature phones only come with basic mobile phone features such as calling, texting and web browsing.

IDC informed that the company sold 12.2 million feature phones in Western Europe during the first quarter, while Nokia sold 9.1 million units over the same period.

Nokia still managed to maintain its leadership in the European smartphone market, selling 4.9 million smartphones during the first quarter.

Apple only sold 3 million iPhones across Europe, and RIM managed to sell 2.4 million smartphones.

HTC maintained its steady rise in the smartphone market by selling 0.9 million smartphones in Europe.

Francisco Jeronimo, the research manager for European mobile market at the IDC, said: “The first quarter is traditionally tough for phone makers as operators clear out old stock from the previous holiday season.”