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US Retailers Prepare For Windows Phone 7 Launch

Mobile phone retailers across the US are already preparing for the launch of Microsoft's upcoming Windows Phone 7.

According to leaked documents received by Engadget, US wireless carrier AT&T, the exclusive provider of Apple's iPhone in the US, is preparing for a store overhaul later this month, indicating that the device might see an early launch.

Microsoft has been struggling to compete against rival platforms, such as Apple's iPhone and Google's Android OS, in the smartphone market, seeing its 2008 US market share of 30 per cent fall to just 10 per cent by the first quarter of 2010.

The company is aiming to regain its lost market share with the release of Windows Phone 7, integrating the platform with its Office suite and with Xbox Arcade games.

Micosoft executive Brandon Watson said: "This is a hard reset of our entire operating system. In a lot of ways we are the new kid on the smart-phone block, because Windows Phone 7 is just that much different, a complete departure, from what we were doing before."

The company had recently launched its Kin One and Kin Two social networking smartphones, hoping to regain lost ground in the smartphone market, but was forced to pull the plug on the devices after dismal sales.