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£229 Asus 1001P 10 inch netbook

Seemingly crafted by nature itself, the Eee PC Seashell draws it's inspiration from seashells. It’s so light and compact you can take it anywhere with you, and, with sleek curves and smooth lines hugging the lustrous shell, the Eee PC Seashell will easily charm passers-by wherever it goes.

The Eee PC 1001P has beauty on the outside - with an elegant seashell design - and also on the inside with a combination of power and energy efficiency.

The 1001P features the power-saving Intel Atom N450 processor, which works in tandem with ASUS’ exclusive Super Hybrid Engine energy management technology to deliver up to 11 hours of battery life on a single charge.

The 1001P is truly the product of ASUS’ love for the Planet and a perfect masterpiece to eliminate worries about power while on-the-go for full day, unplugged computing.

With the Multi-Touch gesture input feature, you can easily zoom in and out to view photos or read documents, just by moving two fingertips apart or together on the touchpad.

You can also simultaneously slide two fingertips up or down the touchpad, making scrolling in a window easy without the use of a mouse.

The Eee PC Seashell is a highly portable companion that users can carry about. Boasting a thin and light profile, this svelte and lightweight netbook is a joy to behold and it's compact dimensions make it the perfect runabout internet device anywhere.

The Eee PC 1001P features a breathtaking design that includes a 10.1 inch LED-backlit display and an ergonomic keyboard for prolonged usage.

Purchase the Asus 1001P 10 inch netbook from Amazon for £229 (opens in new tab).

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