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Android Beats iPhone 4 In JavaScript Race

According to tests conducted by tech blog Ars Technica using the SunSpider industry-standard benchmark test, the JavaScript engine on Google's Nexus One Android 2.2 operating system is almost twice as fast as the one that runs on Apple's iPhone 4.

The site also used the V8 benchmark test to assess the performance of the newly launched Android 2.2, codenamed 'Froyo'. It also revealed that the new operating system is up to three times faster than the previous version of Android.

The results were then compared to the results achieved by Apple's mobile Safari web browser on the iPhone 4.

Tech blog Engadget also set the two smartphones head-to-head against each other.

Engadget found that, although the margin was significantly smaller than that reported by Ars Technica, Android 2.2 still rendered web pages faster than the Safari web browser on the iPhone 4.