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Apple Tightens iTunes Security After Card Fraud

Apple has released sophisticated new anti-fraud measures for iTunes, following a recent spate of hacking attacks on the platform.

News agency AFP reports that the new security measures will include consumers being asked to enter their CCV code more frequently. The CCV code is last three digits of a code present on back of a credit card.

This will mean that only those in possession of the card will be able to make purchases on the platform.

The move is designed to eliminate the risk of fraudsters using a customer's credit card number to make illegal purchases on the platform.

The security measures come after Apple removed a number of applications created by Vietnamese developer Thuat Nguyen. The developer had hacked into iTunes and pushed 42 of his ebook applications into the top 50 best-selling applications list.

Apple also said that Nguyen hacked into around 400 users' accounts and used their credit cards illegally to purchase his applications.