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BBC To Launch RadioPlayer Late 2010

The BBC has confirmed that it will launch Radioplayer, a platform similar to Project Canvas but less controversial and for radios only, towards the end of the year.

Users will be able to get access to all the 400 or so Ofcom-licensed national and local radios in the UK through a single online dashboard for free.

Announced back in November 2009, the project is aimed at fostering listening across the nation and help preserve the UK radio landscape unique heritage.

Radioplayer users will be able to search every station on the platform, identify news programmes, sports highlights, musical categories down to individual songs thanks to a new smart search engine.

This new BBC venture could turn out into a very powerful competitor to the likes of Pandora and even Spotify, both of which have been gradually eating away precious listening time.

There will be additional extras like the ability to buy tracks online and a host of social networking features that will allow users to share their favourite tracks or programmes on Facebook or Twitter.