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Borders Launches US E-Book Store

Bookseller Borders has entered the online e-book market with the launch of its new Borders eBooks online store, the Wall Street Journal has reported.

The company said that its titles would be supplied by Canadian e-book retailer Kobo, which was recently acquired by Borders.

According to Mike Edwards, President of Borders, the company is currently only selling e-book titles, and is not providing any hardware for users across the US.

Edwards says that users will be able to read Borders' titles using almost any kind of e-book reader device, including Apple's iPad, by downloading an appropriate application. .

The e-book market is already dominated by iPad maker Apple, as well as rival booksellers Amazon and Barnes & Noble, but Edwards has set his company the target of grabbing a 17 per cent market share.

Edwards told reporters at the launch: "We'll take market share just by turning [the e-bookstore] on."

"A lot of people have said, 'You're kind of late to the game,'" Edwards added. "I'm saying the game actually just started."