BT And TalkTalk Demand Digital Economy Act Review

UK internet service providers BT and TalkTalk have demanded a judicial review of the controversial Digital Economy Act.

The DEA was forced through the parliament by the Labour government in April, prior to the dissolving of government for the general election.

The Act, which was criticised by internet freedom groups, will allow regulators to disconnect the broadband connections of persistent illegal file sharers, gives politicians the power to block pirate web sites without legislation.

In a joint statement to The Telegraph, the companies said: “If clarity is not gained at this stage then BT, TalkTalk and other industry players may end up investing tens of millions of pounds in new systems and processes only to find later that the Act is unenforceable and the money is wasted.”

BT and TalkTalk maintained that several members of parliament shared their opinion that the Act was forced through the House of Commons without a proper review and lacking a proper parliamentary timetable.

The act was passed by 189 votes to 47 after a debate lasting just two hours.