BT Encourages Subsidies For Rural Broadband

BT is hoping that local authorities will consider subsidising the installation of high-speed broadband connections in rural areas, after the Parish council of Iwade in Kent, agreed to help pay to bring a 40Mbps broadband connection to the village by August.

BT claims that by August, all 1,350 homes in the village will have access to a fibre-to-the-cabinet (FTTC) broadband connection.

The Parish council has agreed to use a grant from the Kent County Council (KCC) to invest in the service, which will receive further funding from the BT.

Steve Robertson, head of BT Openreach, said: "Our investment is one of the biggest commercial investments in fibre in the world and we are prepared to invest further if others are prepared to work with us. Our partnership with Iwade is a great example of this and we're very keen to work with other parts of the country on similar projects."

In a statement, Nicola McKenzie, the Broadband Committee coordinator with the Iwade Parish Council, said: “Local homes and businesses are relying more and more on broadband internet services. The faster connections offered by fibre broadband will allow local people to get even more out of their broadband connection.”