Facebook Sued By German Privacy Boss

A member of the German data protection authority has filed a lawsuit against Facebook, accusing the company of collecting data about people who haven't signed up to the social network, BBC News reported today.

Johannes Caspar, head of Hamburg's Data Protection Authority, has accused the social networking giant of gathering information about a third party without their prior permission. The case is the latest clash between German privacy regulator and a major Silicon Valley company.

According to a statement issued by Stefano Hessel, spokesman for Facebook, “Millions of Germans come to Facebook each day to find their friends, share information with them and connect to the world around them. We are currently reviewing it and will readily respond to it within the given time frame.”

Caspar cited complaints from several members of the German public alleging that their personal information has been compromised by the Palo Alto-based company, even though they are not members of the website. Facebook has until August 11 to respond to the complaint.