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Google Chrome Knows Which Way Is Up

Google is set to add add a feature that allows its Chrome web browser to tell which way up you're holding your computer, Cnet has discovered.

Cnet discovered the information from bug-tracking website WebKit Bugzilla.

The feature, known as 'Device Orientation Plumbing', is being built into Google Chrome's WebKit. It will allow web-based applications running on the browser to know which way is up.

The orientation technology is a part of Google's effort to help its Chromium web-based OS to compete with the features of Apple's iPad.

Orientation technology is useful for everything from simple features such as rotating the screen from portrait to landscape, to sophisticated mobile games where users will be able to, for example, turn the device like a steering wheel to drive a car.

The Register reports that Mozilla also plans to introduce an Orientation API to its Firefox 3.6 web browser.

Google has said that the Chrome OS is set to be released later this year, with devices running on it to follow shortly after.