Insiders Are Biggest Threat To Data Security

The biggest threat to sensitive enterprise data comes from the very information security professionals who are entrusted with its security, according to a new study conducted by security firm Cyber-Ark Software.

The survey, entitled 'Trust, Security and Passwords', was compiled after interviewing 400 IT administrators at the RSA USA 2010 and Infosecurity Europe 2010 security conferences. The poll revealed that 35 per cent of organisations suspect that their sensitive information has been handed out to competitors, hinting at the haphazard manner in which they feel their data is handled by security professionals.

The report also revealed that 37 per cent of businesses cited disgruntled ex-employees as the primary cause of intellectual property thefts.

Cyber-Ark also reported that the most popular type of information shared with competitors was consumer databases, with 26 per cent of votes, while 13 per cent of respondents believed R&D plans were most at risk.

Adam Bosnian, Cyber-Ark senior executive, said in a press release that “With insider sabotage on the increase, the time to take action has already passed and companies need to heed the warnings.”