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Kin sold nearly 9000 units

A site called Pocket Now has poured scorn on the idea that Microsoft only sold 503 Kin phones.

The rumour apparently kicked off at Daring Fireball, which seems to have plucked the figure out of the air. It referred to a utterance from a Vole who said of the launch shindig held on the Microsoft campus: “I bet that party cost more than the amount of revenues we took in on the product.

"As an employee, I am embarrassed. As a shareholder, I am pissed." the unnamed Vole told Business Insider "It’s one thing to incubate products and bring them to a proof-of-concept to see what works, but it’s something else to launch. I suspect we launched because we felt like we HAD to so we could save face because we were trying to build buzz, but overall — HUGE fail.”

John Gruber over at Daring Fireball added that a "birdie" tweeted into his shell-like that Microsoft had sold 503 Kins. This unsubstantiated number has since been bandied about the web like there's no tomorrow.

As Pocket Now points out, the Kin phone registers itself on Facebook automagically. And the Kin Facebook app is only available on Kin phones, so the number of users yesterday when Pocket Now posted its story was 8,810. Not a lot, considering the marketing budget, manufacturing tool-up and R&D costs, but certainly more than 503.

The number may have gone up by now, as shops clear their shelves at bargain prices.

We haven't checked since we avoid Farcebook like the plague.