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Leanback, Relax - It's YouTube TV!

Google's YouTube video sharing service has launched the beta of its Leanback service.

Leanback allows users to watch videos continuously based on their preferences, the company has announced.

The technology, which is a part of YouTube's experimental website TestTube, is designed to automatically search the service for videos that match users' viewing habits, and present them to viewers in a continuous stream for as long as they wish.

Writing on the YouTube blog, Kuan Yong, senior product manager for the service, wrote: "Just as its name implies, YouTube Leanback is all about letting you sit back, relax and be entertained. Videos tailored to your interests play as soon as you visit the site and they play in full screen and high-definition, continuously."

"There's no need to click, search, or browse, unless you want to, of course. Watching YouTube becomes as easy as watching TV."

News agency Associated Press reports that Google is planning to bundle the YouTube technology with its soon-to-be-launched Google TV platform, set to be available on next-generation Sony TVs.

The company is also planning to make Leanback available to internet-enabled devices including gaming consoles and mobile devices.