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Meego update posted

Mobile phone giant Nokia and mobile phone wannabe Intel have issued their first update to version v1.0 of the MeeGo Core Software Platform and the MeeGo Netbook User Experience, which was first released in late May.

MeeGo Community blogger Dawn Foster says the update includes more than 100 bug fixes designed to improve the operating system's overall stability, compatibility and security.

She recommends it for all users running MeeGo 1.0, as well she might

As well as the bug fixes, the update tweaks the kernel, speeds up USB storage, cuts finding time down from five seconds to one and improves 3D performance, apparently - on a netbook!

The update also brings full support for GNOME proxy configuration in the media player and should give users more control over DNS settings

A full list of the bug fixes can be had on the release update pages for MeeGo v1.0.1 Core OS Update & MeeGo v1.0.1 Netbook Update.