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Nokia Sends Russian Police To Recover N8 Prototype

Nokia has sought help from Russian Police to retrieve a prototype smartphone from a Russian blogger, technology news site CNet reports.

Eldar Murtazin, a Russian blogger and editor of the Moscow-based, posted a review for Nokia’s yet-to-be released N8 smartphone on his website earlier this year.

In a blogpost titled "One of our children is missing", Nokia stated: “At Nokia, we pride ourselves on being an open and transparent company. However, the protection of our intellectual property is something we take very seriously.”

"We have asked Murtazin for the return of all Nokia property in his possession. As he has declined to reply, we asked the Russian authorities to assist us. We leave it to the Russian authorities to determine the most appropriate course of action."

Murtazin has responded in an article published by Russia-based news firm Interfax.

The article states Murtazin's belief that the action taken by Nokia is a clear publicity stunt to boost consumer interest in its forthcoming smartphone release.

Murtazin maintained that that he has not violated any trade laws by publishing a review of the unreleased smartphone.