Nvidia announcement coming on Monday

The wait for Nvidia's mid-range Fermi hardware could soon be over, as the GPU maker has recently put up a countdown timer on its website, implying that a big new release is on the way.

When we last checked at 4:38pm today, the counter was standing at three days, 12 hours and 23 minutes, which means the numbers will hit zero at around 5am on Monday 12 July.

Of course, we're not allowed to reveal what Nvidia's hiding behind the green curtain on the website yet, but there are a few possibilities. First off, it could be the official launch of the rumoured GeForce GTX 460 mid-range DirectX 11 GPU, which the gossip circuit has already said is set for release on 12 July.

Another possibility is the official release of 3D Vision Surround, which enables stereoscopic 3D effects in games over three monitors, and is currently restricted to Beta drivers. Let's not forget that Nvidia also has plenty of other product lines, including Tegra and Ion. However, the GeForce logo visible under the curtain would suggest it's a graphics card.

Okay, we know we're not convincing anyone here, and you probably already know what's coming on Monday. We're keeping schtum, though, and you'll have to wait until 12 July before we can reveal all. Look out for all the full skinny next week.