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Project Canvas Reveals DRM Strategy

BBC-led online TV platform Project Canvas has released details of the digital rights management (DRM) content protection software it plans to use.

The IPTV platform, which has recently been given the go-ahead from the Corporation's governing body, the BBC Trust, is a partnership between broadcasters the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Five and Arqiva telecoms companies BT and TalkTalk. Its aim is to provide a common TV platform for nextgeneration internet-enabled televisions.

The consortium plans to the use DRM software offered by Marlin to protect material on the platform from piracy, safeguarding those providers who plan to offer subscription services via the platform.

In a statement, Anthony Rose, the chief technology officer of Project Canvas, said: “The industry is looking for a fully supported DRM solution, and Marlin will give content providers the best option at launch. Marlin is based on open standards, is already widely supported and is being increasingly deployed by the industry.”

Content providers will be also given the choice of providing their content with or without file protection.