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Asus unleashes Ares monster gaming card

Asus has launched a monster gaming card in the shape of the limited edition Republic of Gamers Ares card.

The Taiwanese outfit has stuck two Radeon HD5870 cores overclocked to 850MHz onto a single humongous board, suitably cecked out in go-faster livery.

Asus reckons its overclocking manages to squeeze 32 per cent improved perfromance over ATI's reference design. WIth a combined total of 3200 stream processors Asus has added 4GB of GDDR5 RAM clocked at 1.2GHz.

To keep the beast running without melting the PC it sits in, Asus has built a custom coolers, with a 100mm fan which Asus says pushes six times the air mass prescribed by the reference design. Backing upo the fan are two out-sized oxygen-free, all-copper heat-sinks as well as eight 8mm copper heat sinks on the board.

The card measures a stonking 11 x 5 inches and requires a special metal bracket which Asus kindly supplies to hold it in place. It will also need three power connectors, two of the eight-pin variety with an extra six-pinner thrown in for good measure.

The card will cost a mere £1000 or thereabouts. Gamers with deep wallets, small brains and no care for the environment are encouraged to snap two up immediately

Here are the full specs:


Graphics Engine ATI Radeon HD 5870 graphics X2

Video Memory 4GB GDDR5

Engine Clock 850 MHz

Stream Processors 1600x2=3200

Memory Clock 4800MHz (1200MHz GDDR5)

Memory Interface 256-bit x2

DVI Max. Resolution 2560 x 1600

Bus Standard PCI Express 2.1

DVI Output 1x native dual-link DVI-I 1x single-link DVI via HDMI to DVI adapter

HDCP compliant

HDMI Output native

DisplayPort native

Software Bundled ASUS utilities and driver

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