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Bing Gaining Ground on Google

Google's share of the US search market fell by one per cent in June, according to new research by online search anaytics firm Hitwise.

The data shows that the percentage of searches that were carried out using Google declined from 72.17 per cent in May to 71.65 per cent by 26 June.

Microsoft's Bing search engine saw the biggest rise in its market share over the period, growing seven per cent month-on-month to finish at 9.85 per cent.

Despite the minor drop in usage, Google continues to dominate the search market, but is beginning to see increased competition from the exceptional growth of Microsoft's Bing.

Yahoo' market share remained steady at 14.37 per cent, while the company concentrates on developing its new advertising network and online content services as it outsources its search function to Bing.

Despite Bing's rise, the report showed that Google attracted the greatest traffic in most search queries, especially those relating to automotives, health, shopping and travel.