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Gamers more likely to play sports in real life

A study by a French sports science college has concluded that playing sports video games can 'increase participation' in real sports, especially amongst young men and boys.

According to the study, 38 per cent of males under 21 who play sports on an 'active' games console, by which we can only assume they mean the Nintendo Wii, play their favourite virtual sport in real life.

You might accuse us of being cynical in this case, but we're finding it a bit hard to believe that any of these kids actually take up playing football or tennis because they enjoy playing it on a games console. In fact, there is no suggestion at all that people who were previously inactive suddenly take up a sport encouraged by the digital version. How that correlates to increased participation is beyond us and just goes to show that studies and surveys are utterly worthless because whoever collects the data will merrily skew it to met their own foregone conclusions.

So the study is basically saying that people who play sports like to play the same sport at home on their consoles. Which sounds like stating the bleedin' obvious to us.

Using the same flawed logic, you could also say that people who play first person shooters are more likely to run around blasting people in the face at point-blank range with a shotgun.

The whole study seems to be pointing out that playing sport is good for you, playing sports games on a console that makes you move about a bit is not as good for you but better than doing bugger all, and sitting in front of the telly for hours on end is really, really bad for you.

And these people had to go to college to work that out?