Intel prepares to kill Celeron - report

Intel is planning to kill of the Celeron chip that still makes its way into notebook PCs - but not for long if a report over at Dodgytimes is to be believed.

According to the Taiwanese wire, Intel is winding down Celeron supplies and the chip will be axed completely in 2011. Intel denies the report, saying it has no plans to phase out the brand. that doesn't mean the chip's not for the axe though, and other chips are likely to tip up labelled Celeron in the future. It essentially means cheap and crippled. Celerons are essentially Pentiums with a few bits that don't work.

Intel will plug the gap with proper Pentium chips and dual-core Atom N-series, according to notebook makers within Dodgytimes' earshot

Intel has a bunch of Celeron-branded chips kicking about. The dual-core varieties are slipped into notebook and a single-core variant is often found in ultra-thin notebooks.

The chip maker also has some new ones in the pipeline; the Celeron P4600, T3500 and U3400 which are scheduled to hit the channel by the end of September.

But its upcoming dual-core Atom N550 will appear a the same price as the P4600 "sources" said. And it's cheaper to make, so the yarn seems to hold water.