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Internet hero and villain announced by ISPA

The Internet Service Providers' Association has announced its Internet Villain and Hero of the year at what we can only suppose was a swanky awards ceremony in London, as we weren't invited.

To no-one's surprise, the two recipients of the prestigious (it says here) awards were on either side of the divide created by the Digital Economy Act. The fact that the are both members of the same political party may raise an eyebrow or three though.

Peter Mandelson was awarded the Internet Villain of the Year for his unstinting toadying to record industry billionaires and Hollywood lobbyists when he was instrumental in steamrollering the despicable bill through a befuddled Parliament just days before Labour was hoofed out on its ear, to make way for the ConDem coalition.

Labour MP Tom Watson was awarded the Hero accolade for doing his best to stop Mandelson and his digital dinosaur cronies from forcing the unworkable and undemocratic act onto the statute books without consultation or scrutiny from anyone who understood the possible implications, most of which will be so familiar we won't go over old ground here.

There were a bunch of other awards with BE grabbing the best consumer broadband gong and Claranet coming out on top for businesses. Thinkbroadband has a full list of the winners.