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iPhone OS 4.01 To Feature Anti Jailbreak Features?

Apple is already working on a minor update to the iPhone OS 4.0 mobile platform but the firmware upgrade is likely to be delayed as Apple engineers scramble to patch holes that have been used to jailbreak the existing iOS 4.

A number of status updates on Twitter appear to confirm this rumour and it seems that Apple is targeting the iPhone Dev team specifically who have successfully managed to circumvent Apple's security measures and have relentlessly released numerous versions of BlackSn0w.

Apple will also use the update to introduce a number of tweaks and solutions for existing problems that have arisen lately. Expect Apple to introduce a "totally right" formula to calculate the signal strength on the iPhone 4.

Whether Apple will implement software solutions for widespread issues such as the proximity sensor problems during calls, issues with accessories, 3G speed, battery life and overheating (all of which are thoroughly documented on the Apple forums), remains to be seen.