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Japan Not Excited By 3D

Japanese people are unsatisfied with the 3D technology that's currently booming in their country, according to a recent survey reported on technology news website TechWatch (opens in new tab).

According to results of the survey, nearly 67 per cent of Japanese consumers said that they were not ready to take the plunge and buy 3D-enabled products, whether for TV, films or gaming.

It has been suggested that the glasses required to view 3D picture are an issue, with more than 70 per cent of users saying they were unlikely to wear glasses to enjoy games at home.

The report will come as a shock a shocking revelation to many, who view Japan as the hub of many global brands making 3D consumer electronic products, including Panasonic and Sony Corporation.

3D technology has been pitched as the next big thing in the global consumer electronic market. Companies around the world are trying to tap into the desire for out-of-the-screen experiences with a host new products being launched, including Sony's new 3D-enabled CyberShot digital camera.

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