Netgear Launches ReadyNAS Ultra Network Storage

Networking equipment maker Netgear has launched its ReadyNAS Ultra 4 and ReadyNAS Ultra 6 network-attached storage devices, which will allow users to stream videos to game consoles, TiVo devices and Android powered smartphones and tablets.

The network storage devices can be fitted with up to 8 terabytes (TB) of storage for the NAS Ultra 4, and 12TB for the NAS Ultra 6. The former device runs on a single-core Intel Atom 1.66GHz processor while the later is powered by a faster dual-core processor.

The devices will come with an array of USB ports, including a front-facing port that can automatically download media from any USB drive or memory card reader that's plugged into it.

The only down side for gamers and home entertainment enthusiasts hoping to take advantage of these streaming media features will be price of the devices.

The ReadyNAS Ultra 4 starts at $899 equipped two 2TB drives for a total of 4TB storage, while the Ultra 6 comes with a price tag of $1,349 when equipped with six 1TB drives.