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Nintendo DSi Sales Shot Up By 40 Per Cent

Sales of Nintendo's portable gaming console, the DSi, have grown by nearly half week-on-week as the Japanese company launched a price cutting campaign called "price crash".

The price reduction, which doesn't apply to the DS Lite or the DSi XL, saw the price of the gadget fall nearly £30 down from £160 in mid-June to £130. Some supermarkets like Asda or Sainsburys have goen even further, dropping the price of the console to £95 or less.

The head of communications at Nintendo, Rob Saunders, told MCV that "Since the adjustment in trade price has been passed on to consumers, each of the previous three weeks have seen DSi sales increase by over 40% week-on-week."

The drop in price is no fluke as the next version of the DSi, known as the Nintendo 3DS is only months away from coming to market. The console is the first one which offers 3D effects without the need for additional 3D glasses.

It is likely that Nintendo wants to clear out stock before the new console is introduced. Interestingly enough, neither the DS Lite nor the DSi XL have had cuts in their SRPs.

More than 130 million Nintendo DS and its variants have been sold worldwide, making it the second most successful gaming console behind the PS2.

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