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No new consoles for three years, says Ubisoft

Console gamers have traditionally only had to wait five years between new consoles, but but games publisher Ubisoft reckons we may not see the next generation of consoles for another three years.

Euro Gamer recently caught up with Ubisoft's UK head of marketing Murray Pannel, who predicts "a new transition into new consoles probably in the next two to three years." Pannel says new hardware add-ons, such as Microsoft's Kinect and Sony's Move controller will effectively prolong the life of the ageing consoles.

Last month, Microsoft said it saw the Xbox 360's lifespan going on until at least 2015, but there's a big difference between a product's lifespan and the wait for new hardware. After all, people are still making PlayStation 2 games for a console that's already ten years old, but we also have the option of the PlayStation 3 if we want one.

During the next year, Pannel says new products such as Move and Kinect will provide some stability to the market, even if the market doesn't necessarily grow. After all, launching a brand new console in tough economic times is a big risk, especially if you're making a loss on the hardware.

Even so, this marks a big change in the traditional console business model. After all, Nintendo didn't suffer too badly from launching the SNES in the last recession, and eight years is a long time for a piece of gaming hardware to go on without being superseded. Still, at least we won't have to fork out to upgrade for a few years yet.