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Skype Encryption Cracked

The sophisticated encryption code used by Skype to protect its network has been exposed by cryptography expert Sean O'Neil.

O'Neil believes that the code is already being exploited by Skype spammers.

Skype's encryption code, based on a cipher called RC4, is used by the VoIP service provider to protect its clients and servers being attacked by hackers and spammers, as well as preventing third parties from creating their own IM clients using Skype's network.

In a statement, Sean O'Neil, said: “Skype enjoyed selling the world security by obscurity. We must admit, really good obscurity. I mean, really really good obscurity. So good that almost no one has been able to reverse engineer it out of the numerous Skype binaries.”

The cryptographer has provided a link to a C Library which is the clone of the "obfuscated Skype RC4 key expansion algorithm" used by Skype to secure its network.

O'Neil also says that he released the open source code for research and educational purposes only.