Tiny Apple touch screen hints at new iDevice

Leaked pictures of an unfamiliar Apple-branded touch screen module have tipped up on a Hong Kong web site, leading to the kind of frenzied speculation which only the Cupertino company can generate.

Blurry snaps of the two-inch touch screen and its attached connectors have got Apple commenters all of a dither trying to guess what Steve Jobs and his Brit designer Johny Ive have got up their roll-mop sleeves for the teeny screen.

Could it be a new iPod Shuffle with a touch screen? Not likely. The whole point of the Shuffle is that it's minuscule. Shoving a 1.2-inch screen on it would pretty much make it pointless. More likely the next version of the Nano, which already has a screen and a video camera, will sport a proddable interface.

Or could it be a totally new Apple product altogether. Feel free to join in the wild speculation in the comments section below. We're guessing that your guess is as good as anyone else's.