US Senator's E-Mail Account Hacked

US senator Robert Dvorsky's yahoo e-mail account has been hacked by a group of online scammers.

Members of the Iowa senator's e-mail contacts list received a message claiming that Dvorsky had been stranded in Scotland and urgently needed financial help.

The e-mail claimed that Dvorsky needed £10,000 to cover hotel bills, and that he had no access to telephone. The full message can be viewed here.

A friend of the senator, Johnson County Sheriff Lonny Pulrabek, was the first to inform Dvorsky about the e-mail and to alert him to the fact that his account had been hacked.

In a statement to local TV channel KCRG, the senator said: “It really does make me feel sort-of compromised. You try and be as protective and security-conscious as possible on these things.”

The senator’s office has sent e-mails to his contacts advising them to ignore the message.